Sea Turtles

Say cheese! During my time in Barbados I have taken so many snaps of sea turtles that I thought it was about time I share a few…. …and fill you … Continue Reading →


The Sun Sneeze

A dear old friend of mine asked me why she just sneezed after she had looked up at the sun.                     … Continue Reading →


All That for 6?

Source: By Sidney Harris, from  


Watch What You Read

Forget tracking your runs – there is a new kid on the block to track what you read.  The “Cognitive Activity Tracker” promoting mental health rather than physical health.  This … Continue Reading →

dented ping pong

Got a dent in your ping pong ball?

What is worse than playing table tennis when your very last ball gets a dent in it?!  Well fear not my little ping pongers you just need a little chemistry … Continue Reading →

whenever you feel sad

Love this quote.



Brain Freeze!

I like to call something like this a ‘luxury problem’. Chances are if you are suffering from a brain freeze you are simultaneously sipping on some deliciously frosty beverage in … Continue Reading →


The Curious Case of the Stitch

OK, so we are nearing the end of January (how did that happen?!) and I have no doubt that some of you have kick-started a brand new fitness regime. The … Continue Reading →


Nutrient News

Here’s the question: “What has the biggest impact on the nutritional content of our fruit + veg? Travel, time on shelf, whether it’s organic or not etc?”     p.s. … Continue Reading →


Comet ISON

There’s not much cooler in the night sky than a comet. That’s why we are all (yes, that should include you) getting very excited by the progress of Comet ISON. … Continue Reading →


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